Thursday, January 5, 2012

words of wisdom

"birds of a shitfeather flock together"


thanks manuel reverto for the new stickers!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

asseggas ameggaz!!!

there's a thousand ways to say it but only one way to do it right and that's with the ones you love! rang in the new year with my awesome family and friends... too much skating to get pictures on new year's eve at memphis skatepark but i got some snaps on the banks of the mississippi. was nice to reflect as the sun set over the greenbelt. new years day was properly spent in little rock with the crew. here's a re-cap!

if you don't know already, don't eat the fish out of the mississippi river. this was an eyeopening heartbreaker. a tiny sign by the boat landing warning anyone who might happen to notice the dangers of eating from ol' man river.

this would be my favorite band photo if it was a band

dark and gloomy is the day if you let it

didn't do much of anything that night, ate some pizza, drank a couple of beers and tried to hit the sack early to get up bright and early and head out to little rock the next morning. thought i might miss midnight but thanks to the ghetto, where you don't raise your fireworks, naw man, you raise your glock. rat-a-tat-tat into the night, gun blast after gun blast... yah i'll never forget that stupid shit...

adam rock n rolls in the new year on a janky curb at riverview

mike enjoys the fruits of someone else's labor for once with a 50-50


dream at enjoy was officially closed however when you have a vert skater in your car, lyndel will show up to let you in to skate with him...

"there's just no vert skaters here", if you're reading this and you skate vert, do yourself a favor and go see lyndel in little rock!!

wrex inverts lyndel's vert ramp

lyndel lien to tail

lyndel smithvert

wrex backside air

wrex method

mike 50-50

lyndel backside air

the third stop was kanis to meet up with the guys and bro-down... didn't even get the camera out at this stop but u can imagine the fun that always goes down there... and the usual last stop before hitting the road..... yep... VINO's!!!

sweet hair!