Friday, February 17, 2012

A+ job, west point!

went to west point last night for the design input meeting for the new skatepark, have to say it was pretty damn encouraging to see grindline back in mississippi. gotta respect the fact they are willing to come to a tiny town in east central mississippi to build a skatepark!

thanks matt for helping get something awesome in this state!

a re-cap:
wrex and i went to the design/input meeting last night in west point. matt from grindline came out and showed the conceptual design. overall a really positive meeting with input from neighbors in regards to noise and drainage issues that were addressed. it will be located at marshall park which has tennis courts, baseball fields and a new walking trail located right near main street and in walkable distance from the schools. they are looking at a $90,105 budget for concrete with the city providing the excavation work... right now the design is for 3,500 sq ft but with the city providing the in kind labor/materials, they are trying to push it up to 4,000 sq ft. he showed the same design as in the article... a taco at one end of the street course that features a ledge, a gap, up to banks with stairs on one side, a rail and a hubba, then banks up to where the bowl will be which is a kidney with a bonus pocket, pool coping, 4 ft shallow and 9 ft deep. the taco will more than likely be turned into a flatwall quarterpipe with the possibility of it extending past the width of the street area and adding an opposing qp to form a "halfpipe", not sure if this will happen but someone suggested that at the meeting. matt did a slideshow of some other parks they've done in the northwest and the favorite was bingen, we can most likely expect some major changes. that one does look super fun...but whatever they come up with will be awesome.

the conceptual design:

but the favorite from the slideshow is:

The Title Says It All....

A good friend sent me a video update on what they've been up to. I had to share it... Thanx Tyler... 'Keep on pushing!'

Thursday, February 16, 2012

some have it

but most never will.

real talk.

time just keeps ticking by ever so slowly waiting for the time when i can feel at ease and not so worried and unhappy. feeling tension and awkward. i hate it here. i kind of feel guilty for that considering the people i love here that i have no desire to see because of the burden of drama from others. so i just pretend to have already disappeared to some better place.

this picture represents so much to me that some people just can't fathom the effects of the words that have slithered from their suckholes of shitbreath. i won't have to see their faces and can pretend they don't exist. i can walk around a corner and not have to worry about running into the path of their glare or have to hear the incessant shrill of the need to be heard. and for everyone in those circles that has convinced themselves that some horrible crime has been done and need to feel superior than those they don't even know or barely know because of the shit circle...... i just have two words for you: go away.

i hope you never leave the shitty existence you've settled into and die trying to be cool in a social circle social network blahhhhger that has somehow given you some sort of status. the reality is you're nothing.

this is will be like paradise. i count the days. until reality sets in. it will be mine.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Manuel's Top 5 Stoner Albums Of The Year

FISTER!!!! These guys are from St.Louis, Ms. Home of KHVT and No Coast! These guys are great! A sound more geared toward bands like 'Doom, and Fudge Tunnel', but with a certain humor. The album is called "Bronsonic", and the Bathory like cover is epic. My favorite songs on here are 'Mazda Of Puppets', and 'Santabbath'. Good heavy reigning!!!

Brant Bjork is fuckin' amazing. Started Kyuss, played drums for Fu Manchu, and gone on to do his own thing, but is back with Kyuss Lives. They are touring!!!
This is one of his solo albums he had while touring Europe. Brant Bjork And The Bros. It called "Saved By Magic". Another really clean album. I love every song on this album.

Beaze Lovelace turned me onto these guys when I was living in Breckenridge,Co. and I try to turn people onto them any chance I get. Truely talented, multi riff, stoney tunes. Thank you Beaze. I'm a believer. These guys are from Argentina, and everything they put out is gold.'Corsario Negro' is one to look for.

Truck Fighters are from Sweden. I didn't get turned onto these guys till last year, and I think they'll be in my collection for quite some time. The name of this album is 'Gravity X', and they put it out in 2005. This is really good!!! One song that sticks out, is "Desert Cruiser". Really clean and stoney. Great tunes to listen to when bombing hills.

Goatsnake is a really clean Stoner-Doom band out of LA, but the members have been in several epic bands previously, but that's another story.
These guys have been a favorite of mine since 98' when I saw them in Denver. If you see their name on the marquee, make sure to see them.. You won't be dissapointed...

Everyone Wants To Claim, But They're Mostly Lame...

It's That Time Of Year Again......

We Stand For Good....


Big Vert In Lil' Rock.

What a great day!! We wanted to go visit our friends in Little Rock and get some skating in at "Dream", which is the skatepark in the back of Daniel Haney's skate shop, "The Enjoy Life". Haney is doin' it right! Not just running a business, but more of a community center for the creative souls of the biggest little rock in the Mid-South. Haney was in Vegas, so the shop and park were closed for the weekend. But luckily, we have ties to the supporters of this epic scene, and got an invite for a private session. We arrived, made the call, and the golden ticket was received. Thanx homies.. We love you guys!!!
So we mopped the ramp, padded up, and threw some Mission Of Burma on the speakers, and got down to some good company and free air. The session went on for hours, minus a few smoke breaks in the smoking area to keep the 'motivation' rolling!! I definately had one of the funnest times this day, and will cherish that shit forever.
Thank you Haney for putting the family back into what energy drinks and video games has tainted. Thank you Lyndel for keeping vert alive, and building such an epic ramp.


All hands on deck!!

Lyndel Roe, the builder of this wooden dreamscape, comin' in on a frontside ollie.

One of the great things about having a vert ramp in the area, is the fact that people that haven't ever riden one are given the opportunity to get into it. And those that haven't had one around in years, are getting back into it. Mike Lasiter gettin' the vert legs back with a 50-50. "Yeah Mike!!!"

There wasn't much room for this vert ramp. But where there's a will, there's a way..

Lyndel doing a textbook method. Lyndel's skating is infectious. You see it, you get hyped, and you wanna' get in there and try to stack up to the radness he exudes. I love rollin' with Mr. Roe.....

I love doing backside airs. There's nothing like the feeling of "free air". No yanking, no popping, but just float and grab that shit. Suck it up, and put it down. Seriously one of the best feelings in skateboarding.

Me get'n a lil' lien air. Thank you Neil for inventing such an epic air.. I love these..

Lyndel blasting backside in classic form.

Lyndel, frontside blaster.

don't get caught

thanks srcbypass

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shark Bait # 45

rad! Jordan Rudichuk got the cover!! Switch heel!! Boom!

The Oklahomeboys! Posse up! looks like a great time at Lee's pool.

The Board Shop!!! Love you guys!!! Real shop, no trends...

If Jamie and Peter are supporting it, it's legit..

My favorite section.... The Christian Albright interview!!! Epic human, and all around ripper.. Nice work!!

Brian Mc Nair is an all around ruler. Guy has more tricks in his bag than some folks can name. He also owns The Board Shop in Tulsa,Ok. Skater run shops are always the best! Go there and skate the indoor ramp at his shop. It's a one of a kind. "Dog Chark!!"

The real deal!!!

Flesh Lights Interview!!

Here's their address!!! Support the supporters!!!

Brimley, The Best Company That Never Cared.....

My friends Matt Price and Bucky Miller started a company in Arizona that was one of the funnest companies since Krooked said "fuck it".. This is the teaser starring a lot of the guys from our crew. I miss you guys, but we'll be hittin' up some Pecos ledges soon enough!!

Ghetto D'!!!!!


I Love Get'n Zines From The Homies.

Not Another Pre-Fab Part....

Enjoy some real skating.... Here ya' go...

Happy Valentines To The Love Panda!!!

I am extremely lucky to have you in my life. I never thought I could feel this way about someone, and I never knew life could be so wonderful. Then I met you. You have given me something that just can't be substituted. You complete me, and have helped me to see that there is more to life than just living. I love you, more than I can ever explain. Thank you.. You've made me the happiest person on Earth. Happy Valentines Day, my love...

dear manuel reverto....

hello kitty heart
i love you the most!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

DGP Approved.