Friday, February 24, 2012

hard to beat

the combination of creative skateboard photography and stylish rippers....

i saw this on effbook and it caught my eye, nice work! more from ken hada

lizzie rocknroll

julz lynn bs air

jen o brien wallride

check out his shop here:
skatopia skateshop

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get Well, Josh....

Bummed Josh blew his knee out, and we won't see him this year. I hope you heal fast holmes, and get back on board. We'll miss your presence at the World Cup, but I'll yell yer' name in the middle of every stand up grind while I'm taking my runs! Ha!
Know that we'll be thinkin' of ya', and are sending possitive vibes your way!

Our Backyard Was Fun!!!

The best part was Kooks weren't allowed in it... Ha ha ha!

Truly Honored....

Thanx Goch!!!! It Was An Honor To Be Filmed By A Dog Town Legend..

Thanx Homies!!!!

guess what...

life is what you make of it.

Trey Wood Rips Harder Than you!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

an fyi moment in time

it's funny how it works here, you call out one person on a problem and somehow they twist it to apply to everyone else but them. if i tell you what i think of you, it's about you and only you, not all of your friends and everyone you know.

anyway, back to something dark and brutal...

sabbat (japan)

while most people concern themselves with flase metal and learning a list of band names to drop to look cool, the fact is you're a closet tiffany fan...bwahahah!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vert Rules!! Some Will Never Understand....

Yeah, What's New?

people that succeed..

do it because they persevered. most likely they were ridiculed and criticized for being different. but they got out there and they saw the world. they refused to settle in the small pond in the comfort of a name someone else built around them.

when i met d.s. haney i didn't quite understand the legend i was shaking hands with but after being around him and seeing who he "is" and everyone he surrounds himself with, i see why he does what he does.

he instills in those around him a positive being and encourages those around him to enjoy life to the fullest. always giving back. never taking.

check out a chronological tale of daniel haney's journey to the enjoy life

An Educational Harr Blarr... LOL!!!


Just go Away.....