Thursday, March 22, 2012

hell yeah!!!

manual reverto is on a supreme roll! invite only, guess who's representin'!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


made a little trip down to louisiana to check out the scenery. with the boy on spring break and a much needed break from the jobberoo, we pointed our compass straight down south. headed out last thursday with no set plans in place. if you've never driven into new orleans on the 55, it's a must. seeing the swamp and lake ponchatrain fish houses is so cool, the above ground mausoleums along the highway leading to the french quarter with its eerie aura draws you in. we found out that the final four was going on that weekend so sports fan capitalism had taken over the hotel industry and not wanting to spend all my clams in one town, we headed to our other option of baton rouge only an hour away. missed an exit on the way to a rest stop and ended up in a perfect photo situation. i saw a small black and yellow striped snake slither into the swamp but the camera wasn't ready. consistent amateur moves hahaha

my boys

spanish moss and wild iris - so beautiful

we got a room and started contacting locals for eating suggestions. we were told sammy's is a must so we tried that first only to find a hip joint with an hour wait. the other option, parrain's, as suggested by lejeune as another possible turned out to be heaven of the food persuasion. words can't describe how wonderful the mustard cream sauce which smothered my white fish tasted with the blue moon i was sipping.....mmmmm....dirty rice on the side and overflowing with laughter. dinner was fun. after dinner, we were beat from the road and in a food coma so we headed back to the room for some rest. got up bright and early the next morning, the fog was taking over so we got some breakfast and coffee waited for the ground to dry then headed our way over to the baton rouge million dollar skatepark.

i am a firm believer in that you can have fun any where you go. no matter how shitty or lonely you are, skateboarding = fun. as someone who is passionate about skateparks and the quality of public facilities, i have to say it was a kind of bummer. half the square footage was flat. holes in seams, curbs the size of ledges everywhere which divided the park into sections and completely stopped the flow of the park. the little flow area was really fun but the design of the pockets sends you to empty spaces instead of the next wall. i don't get it. i see other parks with amazing flow that cost half of this...anyway, there was a tight qp next to the banks where you could get pretend wallrides, lots of ledges. the bowls were pretty fun overall... but again, overpriced dead space. i didn't take any pictures but there's some footage in the short video i posted below.

note: i hope i don't offend any br locals, i know it's your park and that's what you have. i just know that certain companies (namely california skateparks) tend to take advantage of cities with large budgets which most definitely influenced my opinion. i'm only one person and i'm not important. so don't get mad :)

after skating a few hours in the morning, we decided to head to the hammond only 40 minutes away. conveniently located between baton rouge and new orleans.

the hotel we stayed at was hosting a trekkie convention! LOL yes!!! skate or trek! manuel reverto got all the good trekkie pictures so maybe he'll post them soon :)

a must hit as you can see from the pictures!!! but even the pictures don't do it justice. the park is about 7 years old and covers 10,000 sq ft. i have to say this is a perfect example of a quality skatepark. the design promotes fast flow. the skate track around it is an added bonus to the bowl. it's hard to stay off the track to skate the bowl though! be warned, you will get addicted to this park and will have withdrawals for days after skating here.

some of the baton rouge crew came to skate with us at the direction of mr. sneed. they are all smiles. such a fun time at this park. we skated for hours and exhausted hit the road back to oxfart. can't wait to go back!! here's a ton of pics to drool over... luv-u-louisiana!

so basically this photo sums up the entire trip: BADASS!!

here's a little video i made, skate or fais do-do, that's cajun for "skate or make sleep"...bon appetite!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Images of My Past Week.

What a great week! 6 states, 2 World Cup events, and reconnected with tons of friends, all in 8 days!! I love my life!!

smash skates!

Smash Promo trailer from brad hayes on Vimeo.