Friday, April 27, 2012

this place

op·pres·sive/əˈpresiv/ Weighing heavily on the mind or spirits; causing depression or discomfort.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


i find it interesting how certain people that stuck their nose in someone else's drama that had nothing to do with them ever and then judged us based on a partial glimpse "at" the problem, still poke around here.

you shouldn't be checking up on what we're doing. you made yourself pretty clear. so whatever reason you think you have to click on the link, it's bullshit.

and in case anyone forgot or thinks they are above anyone else or better than anyone're not. none of us is any better than anyone else and whatever reasons you may have told yourself that you are, you're not.

everyone is still accountable for their actions whether they choose to acknowledge that, you are still accountable. i am still accountable.

when we said "something is not right here" ... you chose to point the finger rather than offer a solution. and then spread some hate about us yourself to complete strangers . you made a general statement that included people we've never met. and completely misconstrued what was being said. so for these reasons, you've been blocked and forgotten - until you poke around without the slightest of apologies. again, you are an unwanted presence.

please, just go away.

the gay ocean

iEstar allí o ser cuadrada! jajaja!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

luchaskates in oxford!

what a fun day sunday was when some memphis friends came down to taste some spots i think only wrex and i skate. most people pretty much just stay in the park... and have fun with the lurkers? but this is something i can not embrace. if i drive by the park and see 5 people hanging out and one person skating... i just keep going... this is pretty much what happens every time i drive by there unless it's early in the morning or during a weekday... i'm at the point where i just don't care what happens to that place.

however...when visitors come to town, i will take a stab at skating the park.....until it becomes awkward. wow, oxford... u need some help! a hippie was drawing "earth day" on the ledges then left to go talk leaving behind 20 pieces of sidewalk chalk in the way. then well, the scene just got strange and rather obtrusive so we took our skatecationers to a couple of fun spots.

anyway... check out the rad little write up luchaskates did for their visit to our hood.

 The Four Eyed Luchador

wrex featured on blue tile obsession!

if you don't know what blue tile obsession is, you might be living a deprived life... ozzie is a pool icon from salbaland that runs the blue tile obsession blog, not just skates but rips endless pools daily, lived at the ridiculous and shreds quite often with the best pool skaters out there... needless to say, he has imminent access to a million perfect pools. he's what one would call "extremely fortunate".... today, he released a write-up on my numero uno - wrex!

kanis bash - cinco de mayo!

who: kanis diy! 
what: kanis bash!
why: skate slash donate some cash!
when: cinco de mayo (may 5th)!
where: kanis park, little rock arkansas!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RIP max

one of the raddest dogs to ever chew up a beer can in my backyard!

sauce is back!

clicked a lil paypalee button and sent some dollars for some sauce. i'm all for supporting the homies with a little bit of moulah if i can. this zine is put out with hard earned money so i know what it's like to balance bills with projects. if you feel the same, hit up the sauce blog and donate a few dollars of your own to go towards putting out the raddest little black and white zine that ever existed. created and produced by two of the biggest hearts in skateboarding. sorry for the crappy cellphone shots, hoping to entice you enough you'll need to see the handheld version! 

sauce picked back up the momentum with which it parted ways. pod seems concerned that the audience won't be satisfied but i don't see how they couldn't be... the contents stay true to the ways of the sauce. glad you're back! 

everyone loves a no comply and a grind right? the cover of the new sauce is double rad!
ha, i made it in sauce yet again! this picture was from my first camping trip with the crew in az my first summer out there. i'm on the left with the wicked bad hairdo, thanks to a slow shutter, everyone's distorted and our fade was caught on film.
ross' life story, quit your job and hit the road! RIP DANGEROSS! 
another fun installment by oby berry
fang interview by pigpen!

why team pain rules right now