Friday, May 4, 2012

iExtremecido! Manana!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Rock..... I love you dad...

i'm rich!

wrex recently went to arizona to see his family and was fortunate to spend a little bit of time with our friends at the sunday morning session. tears were shed and hugs were abundant. he told me about the session, the things that were shared and feelings expressed.

this made me think about how fortunate i am to have met the people i've met and have made the friends i've made from all over the country that are always up to something positive. motivated and free spirited and never afraid to express themselves. they are always inspiring me.  and withstanding the true test of friendships, long distance. i know when i see them again, hugs and tears will flow freely. so while i'm in a shitty time in my life, i am reminded that of the positives in my life. and soon we will be in a better place. 

and most importantly, i've been reminded even though i barely got any money, i'm extremely rich! rich with amazing friendships. 

he brought home some goodies from our friend, kelly baker. baker is the other half of sauce skate zine. when i met him for the first time, i instantly knew this guy was someone with a heart of gold and loves skateboarding to the core and no matter what he does, he put his heart into it! recently he's been into making tshirts and sent back a few for me with my hunny bunny. so rad! baker rules!

this says so much, wrex got a couple as well.

this one is literally KILLER!!

and thanks oldmanbrian for the shirt! one of my favorite old man army logos!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

as much as i don't care about what happens in this state anymore, i pledge to do what i can to help get these folks to build a park in northern mississippi.

one of my first

my friend, carl, in arizona took this photo of an amazing pool we all skated together while we lived out there. this pool was more perfect than most skatepark pools. we never knew what we would find when we walked up from behind and entered  through the falling down gate... but we knew one thing for sure, a fun session awaited... well, this picture just reminds me how super fortunate i am to have fallen in love with skateboarding and a skateboarder whose heart belongs to not just me, but skateboarding as well. we go hand in hand in everything. love you, wrex and love you, powerline. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


iEste fin de semana! iSkate thrash donar su dinero!

or click here and donate if you can't make it to the funnest event of the year!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

4 Corners Skate Tour

 This was such a fun trip! So good to have a skate family that is worldwide, and united. We took a short trip with some homies, and had an absolute blast. Doing this again is priority, as soon as we escape the stubborn forces, and negative vibes of a less motivated scene. I have been so lucky to have had so many great experiences, and to have met and skated with so many great folks. Fun is why we do it, and a lust for life is what keeps us coming back. Thanx aaron and the crew for the video documentation of memories that will last forever. Yeah, it's true.... "We still have more fun than you..."