Friday, May 11, 2012

kanis bash n meeting folks

one of the best things about skateboard events are the people that you meet and the things you discover. my top discovery of kanis bash 2012 is LEVIL UNIFORM zine.

click here to check out LEVIL UNIFORM

oklahomey albright shredding the kanis bowl

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#kanisbash - through the eyes of others

kanis bash was last weekend in little rock, arkansas. one of the best places you will ever visit. the crew is so welcoming and always chuckling...we got there early when it was still kinda empty... wasn't long before a top was popped open and the fun began... no negative vibes were present at this event!! lots of ripping, fun times and laughter!

i love when people come together for a common goal especially when more concrete is involved. i pretty much spent most of my time sipping modelo and running the ol' mouth with friends i haven't seen in way too long. and didn't even take one single picture... oops! regrets...

what i love about kanis is that it has the relaxed feeling of being in someone's cool backyard. u can sit back, drink a beer, rip a wallride and even partake in some devil's lettuce.

here's some pictures i swiped from instagram (with permission) - i did manage to get some footy so watch for the video to drop soon "big bails and bad angles"

Thank You!! @fastasfuck, @lindseydoesthis, @beautifuldisaster1369, @andrewcig, @williamehrle, @sn4ked

@lindseydoesthis captures swamplizard in a fast carve in the mudbowl

@sn4ked updated instacram that the kanis bash was in full effect!

                                     @lindseydoesthis took the initiative and created these super rad shirts with the proceeds going to kanis... modeled by brock

           @lindseydoesthis begins her heckling career with a lucha picture for those not at the bash this year!

@beautifuledisaster1369 got photo of the day with this action shot! oby was in full effect!

@williamehrle artistic ramparts 

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@andrewcig with another epic moment, this is flyer material!

@fastasfuck entices those who follow him to head to kanis 
@fastasfuck killed this spot!
@fastasfuck says goodnight, kanis!

over $1400 was raise at the event...... SUCCESS!!


we stayed over for the night in a swanky la quinta not far from kanis, ate some chimichangas and put our asses to bed!

we started the morning at riverview as usual, it was a hot n sweaty day, got to have a girl sesh at my favorite brown spot! and then headed to kanis for some awesome shade skate time...

girl sesh at riverview!

the half-dressed crew at kanis!

what a rad weekend! we can't wait to go back!