Friday, June 15, 2012

the truth

everyone's life experiences shapes them differently and how they relate to people and situations. just the acknowledgement of that alone can help people understand why and how people react the way they do. the older i get, the less tolerant of negative behavior i am from other adults. i need to be surrounded by positive, happy people otherwise i sink into anger and depression. and my expressions follow suit with negativity. i've learned to acknowledge this in myself. unfortunately i'm back in a place where there has been a lot of pain (from the people of my past) and people who really don't matter that much that continually participate in hateful activity... exactly what i felt like in high school. i have and never will fit into any clique. i have always been the "weirdo". why people need to remind me of that in adulthood is beyond me. at least i'm moving forward to some place more positive and supportive and a place where people realize that life is too short to waste on the dumb shit. stay bored and upset.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

so what

i have been here most of my life so as a free thinking person, i am pretty sure i have the freedom to dislike this place if I so choose to do so. and anyone who is stuck living here for various circumstances also has that right. just like you have every right to love your surroundings and embrace the culture, the history, and whatever it is that makes you feel pride in your surroundings.

i have every right to like the things i like, love the things i love, dislike the things i dislike, and feel apathy when i feel apathy. at what point in our lives do we suddenly feel like we can't even feel what we legitimately feel towards something because other's don't like whatever feeling I am feeling? that's the reality i've felt since i've been back.

how strange it is to come back to a place that i thought was fairly okay, a place where i have contributed some hard work to change some things around here....things that have benefited a lot of people around me....

a place i return to only to find exactly how suppressive it is towards people's emotions and any expression of such. and when someone does express some distaste for how things are around them, it's almost as if you've waged a war on a group of people that actually have nothing to do with your daily life.

so what if i feel no attachment to this state any longer? or so what if i might think one person i have encountered is a "shithead"? (insert any other derogatory word here, let me give you an example that i've apparently used..."moron", "kook", "goon") and so what if i expressed that i think they are a shithead TO that person? the problem is that what actually gets translated to that person is that i think they are a shithead and everyone they know is a shithead - a generalization that has been translated while never acknowledging or self-reflecting their own behavior or activities they've engaged in which might have caused me to think they are or are being a shithead.

so while you might think i think you are a shithead or have called you a goon or other "name", the truth is that more than likely one of a few situations is actually ocurring:

1)i don't know you at all
2)i kinda know you but have not had any negative interactions (per say)
3)i think two people in the midsouth are shitheads and have told them that directly
4)you found out i told those two people they are shitheads so everyone in this state that partakes in particular activities is also a shithead based on your or the shithead's assessment of the situation.

now, which answer doesn't really belong in this group? that would be #4 in case you were confused... #4 isn't actually happening and is a scenario that's been made up by a few people that have decided that this is what i think and feel and have actually expressed despite 1)never having any real conversation with me and 2)have had some conversations with me but shitheadedness was never actually expressed.

furthermore, as i've matured and grown up, i have also obtained the ability to share my feelings (if i choose) about things that make me happy, sad, uncomfortable and even angry. and these feelings that i share are mine and nobody else's. so to ever assume what i am thinking, feeling, and expressing without any interaction with me and basing your judgments on what other's have told you i am thinking, feeling, or expressing, to be honest, that's stupid. this isn't the jersey shore.

grow up
think for yourself
and most of all, fuck the dumb shit.
life is... too short.

overall, i want this place to progress and the skateboarding community to catch up with the rest of the world. this means fostering a brotherhood based on friendship, love and kindness for a common goal, a common loving obsession we have with skateboarding.

not hatred, self-promotion, competition for who is cooler or any other equally destructive mindset.

as i see it, things have gone too far with this bullshit so there is no turning back (for me). so all i can ask, hope for, is that people who don't know me or barely know me sit back and take a look at the interactions we've had and make up your own mind. if you have never met me and you dislike me... then i definitely do not want to know you.

so this whole thing about "all skateboarders in mississippi are kooks" or "i hate every skateboarder in mississippi', that bullshit has not been expressed by me or anyone i interact with.

and so what if i dislike this state that i've spent way too much heart on only to get consistently judged and shunned by people. SO WHAT.

all this bullshit that keeps getting spread around to people i don't even know, stop. i don't know what anyone accomplishes by doing this other than upsetting a bunch of people instead of bringing something positive to their lives. out of selfishness people have been made to feel shitty about themselves and instead of seeing the damage runny mouths have brought, they blame people that have never expressed these things about people they've never met.

you are what's bringing a bad name to this place. and you've pretty much confirmed my feelings. i can assure you i am not the only one that dislikes this place.

the reality is that a lot of people got diarrhea mouth of the south. that's all.

here's an addendum since the actual source of all of this drama is back lurking.. it's really okay to dislike other people. since we all have different personalities that sometimes clash, it's really really okay for some people to not get along. i mean, like you said "we're like oil and water", right?

but to cry and cry to people that don't know the whole story and to spread lies and get people riled up, is really really wrong. and really this is the root of the problem. so keep cryin', because i'm gonna be over here having fun and doing what i do. i feel really sorry for the people (most of them have never met us or barely know us) that you dragged in and made them feel like kooks or goons and then told them i said that when it's your own bullshit story you and your clique made up. grow up, woman, this ain't high school... keep telling people some twisted story, because deep down you know. you definitely know. NOW go away.

francey pants

france is stepping it up with this crazy design... looks fun and fast! creative!!!

click here to see more on this project:
project otro in vassiviere france!!!

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. vol. 1 "chicks that rip"

i met loree a few years ago in my home state. we'd been on a short road trip through california, where we drove into culver city and met up with a new friend, colin. he led us through the oceanside hills of beautiful santa barbara and on up to solvang where we skated all day, hung out and laughed over hornitos and tri-tip cooked fresh on the grill gourmet style a la colin. it was an epic trip already and then he took us to ventura where we met loree and her family. they had a little mini ramp in their garage which they called the "taj mahal". their place for escape to fun with friends. the group was extremely friendly and welcoming and we felt at home with them! i'll never forget that trip and the wonderful people we met and the awesome places we skated...

here's just a brief glimpse from a past blog here for the report:
escape to california, pictures by colin shumate

the morning coastal clouds

so while effbook can offer many nuances... there's the good side of it - the ability to keep in contact with those you've met and developed an instant friendship with on skate trips... through this medium, i've been able to keep up with loree and her progress in life, love and skateboarding... when i saw this photo i got instantly stoked for her.

here she is catching some action on an 11 foot wall (with over a foot of vert in some places) at the potrero del sol park in san francisco! gnarly!!

so anyway, i can't wait to skate with her again! she eminates the california sunshine in her smile! love ya, girl!! here here to chicks that rip!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Decade Strong...

Los Natas has been one of my all time favorite heavy hitters foor a long time. And they just keep getting better. Here's my musical handout for today.. Enjoy, or be gay... Ha ha ha! Whatever!