Saturday, July 7, 2012


Friday, July 6, 2012

fundraising antics for hernando!

the Luchaskate folks are up to their fundraising antics again, this time to benefit the Hernando Skatepark Project!! this is so rad. as we all know, public skateparks benefit EVERY skateboarder, not just the ones in hernando....this park will be easily accessed from memphis, oxford, pretty much anywhere in the area. more skateparks mean better living, it's a proven fact. this is just a reminder that any money raised before labor day will be matched up to $5,000! please do your part in helping to get the area's next public skatepark!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

scenes from america day 2012

america day kicked ass in BFE... picked up my bff from the job site, everyone was tired and cranky from the hot morning of busting ass. grout didn't quite get finished and the tie wire machine was jammed. scooped up wrex and headed out for lunch. stopped at big bertha's for a pulled pork sandwich with slaw, oh fucking heaven on a bun! hid out from the sun for a bit then america day saw some rain on the outskirts of town and it cooled down about 15 degrees.

the evening was perfect for the first session!! fun watching a couple of rippers shut themselves down to keep off the coping... fast carves, big smiles, and warm hearts... the place is going to be soooo fun when it's finished. a huge gigantic thank you to wrex and the grindline crew for building something else to skate here, amazing what 30+ yards of concrete can do for one's emotional state. got my first drop ins on pool coping. can't believe people had me feeling hyphy about it, it ain't that bad!

after the session we went back to hotel life and grilled up some hawaiian burgers... scott from louisiana says "yah this is the answer to the end of every day, grilling and hanging out, smiling and chilling"....fuck yeah, america!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

fuck yeah!

stolen from instagram - this is awesome! interview with Lizzie Armanto in new thrasher, gotta check it out. way to bust in with hot lady coverage in a skateboarding magazine and ripping!!

are you down with DPP? Se Joindre à The Golden Rooster

this is a dual purpose post! (dpp)

through my involvement with different aspects of skateboarding, i've found that people who don't even skateboard sometimes work just as hard (if not harder than most skaters) to build something for everyone...i know this firsthand...through all my hard work with fundraising to actually building a skate spot, i've found a true love and obsession for skateboarding....a lot of skatepark projects are started with mom's or local city workers who think it would be a great addition to their community...and i was reminded at the memphis diy spot when people like jed would show up and bust ass along with us... and as you guys know, west point is getting the state's next public skatepark, a project spearheaded by two women in the parks department... and now their project is coming to fruition...nearing completion.

so what i'm getting at is introducing you to "the golden rooster"... the grindline crew was staying at a cheap motel and their next door neighbor on occasional nights was this man, whose occupation was kinda seedy but cats like that have a way with people. he introduced himself as "the golden rooster"...after some entertaining conversations, he offered his services (of the hardworking persuasion) to the crew and they put him to work at the jobsite, turns out he's got a little bit of concrete experience!

so just want to send a thanks out to those people who have no interest in learning the ways of a kickflip or a backside carve but put in their time to build something to skate. thank you! oh and the other purpose of this post........a mother fucking update!

fuck yeah west point! thanks for bringing this area another skatepark!

the golden rooster inspects the crews work!

"this applies to everything"

cool blog

through effering around on effbook, found this cool blog that combines two cool things, skateboarding and motorcycles... pretty cool - great photos!


Monday, July 2, 2012

appreciation station

iron horse sent over this little clip today of wrex killing some local parks in the south. right now he's currently building the golden triangle's newest public skatepark which everyone will get to enjoy very soon!! be sure to tell him thank you!

create then skate

updates from the frontlines...

took numero uno back and got some pictures of the progress, they had the coping cut and laid out ready for mortar the next day...

and on sunday, the mortar was set and the coping laid


memphis has been a savior for us, friends to skate with and a variety of spots and a fun park... despite the heat, we managed to find a group of people willing to rise and shine with the sun to get in a fun session... thank you, memphis crew!