Friday, July 13, 2012

mother fuckin lined up!

fun, fun, fun fest in austin, tx - nov 2 -4!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

she was my lover, she was my other

scene report: NM

sharklahoma got a huge update today, see what the hayes been up to out in new mexico, getting crunk out west with lots of positive scenery happening...

they got spots!

it's a free zine!

stopped in at GONER RECORDS after the session on sunday in mempho... looking for the new lost sounds release we read about in the memphis flyer..only to find that TY SEGALL has a new record out! lost sounds isn't out yet due to album cover issues, so my numero uno bought me this gem, it fucking rules!!

on the way out we always check the free shit section and there is always something rad... found this free zine about music in memphis. go by and snag one before they are all gone!

photo of the day

it's copyrighted so no direct linking... guess you gotta trust me on this one...

click here to see the photo of the day: Eric Debruyne "rock front"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

news from the frontlines! the end is near....

more news in from the site, concrete is getting poured every day this week. grindline is ready to get the fuck outta here, get back to their lives elsewhere, get this park done and move on to the next job... wrex has been sending over updates so here's another one, the street area will be done in the next few days, u know what that means...fuck yeah...

of course the criticism is already rolling in..."where's the vert"... "anything with coping should have 4" of tile, don't you think?"...don't forget where this park is located. we're not even sure people skate in this town. much less we all know the skateboard scene is fairly "young" in this state, plus this is the golden triangle... without much to skate, it takes a variety. if a kid learns to skate at this park, he/she will get hungry and have to search out something more, just an hour away is oxford skatepark also built by grindline but much much gnarlier... it's all about the culture which involves progression. so yah, there might not be any vert, but i promise there will be ENDLESS FUN!

the street area is pretty much nothing like the final design plans... they changed it on the fly, more accomodating and flowy.

this was just supposed to be a bank, as you can see, they made more of a qp to it and added a kids can learn to drop in right here and step it up to the next one...

this was supposed to be a roller over twinkie but not it's a tabletop for blasting ollies over!

a perfect ledge

this was just supposed to be a sidewalk type bank, but now it looks like a slappy heaven, tailslides? i can dig it!

this was actually supposed to be a taco'd qp which would also have been fun but it looks fine the way it is and fun! can't wait to see what kids learn on this perfect qp!

the street area looks hella fun, but the bowl IS WHERE ITS AT! super fun!! four foot shallow, seven feet deep...bonus side pocket with perfect hips and tedders pool coping all the way around, speed lines are available...if you want it.

wrex finally got to test out some tedders coping...the assessment went very well...

grindline has provided us yet again with a thing of beauty.

if you get a chance, please send a thank you to the west point parks department, they are so excited about their new park, they are already talking about phase 2!!

shout out!

a few days ago i did a little post on man vs wheel, well not only can you get this rad little zine, you can also get some of his patches and artwork! the 3-d skull looks super rad... gonna have to snatch one of those up. don't ever stop what you're doing, castellano... it always brings a smile to my face! 1 luv!

click here to spy the goods: BERMUDApatchworks

Monday, July 9, 2012

francais get crazy dans la nuit

just when i thought it couldn't get any got crazier.

A skateable artpiece on a small island in the middle of Lac Vavisserie in France.
Painted with phosphorescent paint, so it glows at night!