Friday, August 10, 2012

look familiar?

seeing this remember how much work that day was... thanks to hammond, mike, and the crew's prep work the weeks before getting the forms ready and backfill...we only had to finish getting dirt in the forms so the backfill was perfect and ready for the concrete... the truck showed up and the wheelbarrow got to rolling. it was a cold, cloudy day...wrex started working on the addition to the first qp with some hands and a few others started working on the wallride quarter pipes... then some people showed up that had started a spine on their own knowing we had a truck coming and thought it would be a good opportunity to finish it..even though it wasn't in the plan for the pour that day... so basically we had to steal concrete from them to take it to the wallride quarter pipes when we started coming up short... if you've ever poured concrete and you're working on a qp that needs more crete, you take it...from wherever you can get it...and we were determined to finish them that day. so we got them screted it up, shaped and started on the finishing. but "something strange" happened while i was off on an errand run. i came back and the finishing work we had started was completely fucked up. it turns out someone with a large float, one that is designed for large areas of concrete decided to use it on our qps. overkill...only creating a disaster. so the hour of finishing we had already done was shit. oh well... what can you do? fix it! and we did. they turned out pretty awesome and the qps do exactly what they were designed to do...send you to the top!

that's right, wrex


so just want to say thank you again to anyone that lifted a finger to help shit get built... from clicking on a paypal button to shoveling some backfill to cleaning up shaping the lump dump... the time we had there was rad and we killed it. so thanks to everyone, even the shitty babies.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

fuckin shit up across the sea

yeah turkey!!!! pecos locos 4 ever


perfecto mundo

anti-social it's okay

inspired the inspirers

"If I died with a body that wasn't completely wrecked, I'd feel like I completely wasted it" - mat hoffman

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

drowning out

my friend deaf alex

photographed by my friend aaron forjan

grip it then rip it

skate fast skate hard shut the fuck up.

Monday, August 6, 2012

"life won't wait"

i have not met this guy but my numero uno thinks the world of him.

michael tubbs is a super human being.

he is a gifted skateboarder who eminates the love that most of us feel when we step on a board. everything disappears. all the hate and anger we feel on a daily basis is overcome by positive, deep feelings of love and fun. especially when surrounded by like-minded people...

it's an eye opener and another much needed reminder of what really is important in life. it's not some blog stalker that has the incessant need to make me feel bad about myself, to call me names and tell me to "move somewhere else". don't worry, i'm working on it.... i am always moving to somewhere positive and full of happy people that are worth MY time... but that's obviously why you are so upset .... so i suggest you spend your time a little more wisely because life is too short for this stupid shit..

here's something worth sharing..... five years ago today, skateboarding was ripped from his life. here is what he writes this morning...

"Five years ago today, my life changed forever......Skateboarding, my favorite thing in the world was taken away from me after a very serious traumatic brain injury....Months before, I graduated college and went to Portland, Oregon to get away from the hellish summers in Arizona (as I had done annually for a few years). Got back to Arizona two weeks before what was to be my first semester of college at ASU. Hit my head skateboarding in an ASU parking garage. Rushed to the hospital in a helicopter as I wasn't breathing and had "minimal brain activity." Was told if I did survive the first few days I would be "high functioning" in a wheel chair in 24 months as a best case scenario. These doctors must have been unaware that I was a
SKATEBOARDER as I walked out of the hospital after numerous head and other surgeries 76 days later.
Since then my life has been filled with all sorts of different chapters. Some terrible but some amazing. I just want to thank all of YOU PEOPLE, my friends and family for being there with me through all the terrors of this injury.
Some days are still very hard for me, but I always wake up happily to see the beauty in this world. I don't mean to sound cliche but life can AND WILL be fucked up sometimes. YOU WILL GO THROUGH TERRIBLE STUFF IN YOUR LIFE NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE. The best thing I can tell you from my experience is to let the little things make you happy. Don't take what you have today for granted because you could easily not have it tomorrow. Get a backpack and a shitty tent from Walmart. Don't worry about food or anything else. Just Get in a van/plane/train with your friends and go see the world. Travel further than you ever would and always look around the corner to see what is there and what you haven't seen. Get 'fake robbed' at a ghetto gas station in Ohio. Watch mexican immigrants walk out of the desert with the biggest smiles on their faces, go on a zip line tour in Costa Rica, sleep at the skateboard park in Lincoln city, sleep in a laundry room or an attic. There will always be somewhere for you to lay your head.
Thank you for listening, cheers and love to you all, and to the next 5 years!!!"

here's tubbs from 1:27 til 1:55...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

this blog owns you

the only "point proven" is that your butthole hurts. SKATE OR CRY.

oh and you've also proven the mentality we've been fighting thanks! FUCK YOU.

og tempe

process your mind