Friday, August 31, 2012

it's like playing with dirt

Thursday, August 30, 2012

High and dry in AZ.

Well, there's better times to go to Az rather than in the Summer, but when the call comes for family, I'm there. Sure it get's hot, but the early bird get's the worm. Luckily I have motivated friends that are as down to get their grinds in as much as I am. It's different than the last time I was out, mainly because alot of folks actually grew up. They've learned to let the shit slide off the plate to make room for more optomistic entrees, and have learned that you just can't worry about every one of our high school buddies that are still on that same destructive path that they were when we were all dumb kids. They are actually reveling in the solid love that comes from like minded, possitive, and optomistic friends that have become more of a family. Sure there have been some casualties. Some good folks that just won't let go. But life's too short to try and figure out, or even associate with the low-lifes that they can't seem to shake. I had the same hang up, and I am not in the least bit perfect, but I work at being a better soul, everyday. Unfortunately, there are some that I need to just wave "good bye" to, and keep on living for the 'STOKE'. So goes another chapter of this element called my life, and I am secure to know that the following chapters will be a brighter story. Thanks Litos' and Forjan for the photos...

the daily drool

stargate photo by carter dennis

grindline the band

they were a major part of the mother of all diy spots (burnside) and they build some of the sickest skateparks out there...they are all about giving back to skateboarding in the form of new shit to skate...and new music to skate to...

new cd, new benefit - check em out

bad egg!

all issues online now!

click here

great stories and great photos from badash in colorado!

she rips too! badash grayslide at fdr photo by unsure

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

!recnac thgif

homeys helping homeys... this one goes out to dave tuck who is fighting cancer! with the help of his brothers, everyone can help him in his dave tuck, buy this beautiful board and get down with the fight against cancer!

this board is available in two awesome shapes with artwork from chet childress - you can order yours today by clicking here: cockfight skateboards product page

Dave Tuck battle with cancer

Artwork by Chet Childress

8.6 Width Pointy nose Cruiser
14.75 Wheelbase
Claw Concave

8.5 width Popsicle
15.00 Wheelbase
Regular Concave

$50.00 Plus shipping
15 dollars from each board goes directly to Tuck

women know good wood...

OLD MAN ARMY isn't just for the sweaty old men, it's for the lady rippers as well...'cause women know good wood! old man army is back up and running and has brought back the OLD MAID ARMY right along with them...the ladies division headed up by Calamity stoked to see this group of old farts back in the game!!!

doing it themselves!

jean rusen, old maid army vets division with a huge frontside air out of the bowl in sunny california! photo by

"Old Man nothin', this is for the Old Maids out there!"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

flash poach

the skater is andy levy and the photographer is carl campbell amidst the paparazzis on the night of the very last session at our backyard pool in mesa before we moved back to suckhell. this is the first time i've seen this photo almost 2 years ago to the day... andy and colby carter were going at it for the grind in the tough side pocket with about 4 feet of vert that went blended right into the gnarly waterfall, levy landed it first....i found it lurking through carl's photos as i searched for memories of good times past in arizona.

next week

can't wait to see my phoenix family and friends and skate my favorite spots, oh yes, it's been way too long!!!

photos by carl campbell


every weekend we drive drive drive to get out of here. gotta do what you gotta do to keep living and smiling. still love this park and the people. thanks memphis!