Friday, September 14, 2012

photo by carl campbell

yo, jmill!

this is one of the only things that keeps me stoked in oxford. this kid. he showed up to the oxford skatepark opening back in 2006, learned to skate and never gave up. never fell into drugs like most of the other local kids that were ripping did... never fell into someone else's drama, always keeping his head up above all the life bullshit he's been dealt. and he's had it worse than most kids around here. i remember when he would come into the skate shop and his dad would tell him no to everything he asked for. we all know how poor kids get treated, they aren't noticed..because they tend to be quieter, more reserved, it's just how it is.

he was the only kid i saw potential in and received no recognition or attention from anyone. i've watched him grow up and learn to rip. he's got tricks and his own style. without access to other scenes, he's managed to stay an individual. props to you, jmill!

AND this is on a cruiser board with huge oj softies, a cruiser board wrex gave him because his own got lost or stolen...

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

it came in the mail

man vs wheel came in the mail today and arrived in a rad little handmade pouch! check out all the original selection here: bermuda patchworks

if you love kittens and pugs, you will love this edition!

let's raise some money!

as most readers of ye ol blog know, Hernando is working hard to get the midsouth's next public concrete skatepark...the committee is organizing an art show fundraiser to be held on Saturday, November 3rd at Gale Center, 2601 Elm Street, Hernando, MS 38632.

i asked Dan Tag if he would like to submit a piece of his work for the skatepark fundraiser and explained that we only have two skateparks within a 100 mile radius. he gladly said yes... here is the piece he submitted, it is fucking rad!! for more information, check out the public event here: "Art on the Move," a Hernando Skates Art Show/Fundraiser

the art

the skateboarder