Friday, October 5, 2012

covers, baby....

you might recognize the guy on the cover of the latest issue of CCS Catalog sporting the wearitall rail adidassignature sweats. as seen in thrasher's coverage of the phoenix am a few years ago in the picture below, he was later interviewed by an intrigued thrasher photographer named joe hammeke. the interview was a hit with the readers....i'm sure he caught some flack, people love to hate...

but yah he don't care what you think or say, he's just who he is doing what he be doing.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

in spite of all the stupid drama going on, in spite of all the ENDLESS shit talking, we manage to keep our tribe together without infecting each other with negativity.. we manage to STAY UP.. and continually keep our hands busy with rad shit, not for ourselves but for everyone around us. which is probably why you never see nor hear our awesome friends ever mention a shitty thing about all you shitty people....because it ain't nothin' but a thing...

so you can pass your judgments based on somethin' ya HURRD...a twisted story of someone who is upset...(got blocked on facebook?)......we'll be out creating radness....and yah........FUCK THE HATERS.

so in case you forgot, there is way more important stuff to worry your heads with than some he said she said bullshit....such as real life problems.

 so ya SILLY internet monitors! it's all comedy to sum it up....see below.

Monday, October 1, 2012

last weekend went like this...

thank you, memphis friends <3 p="p">


saturday was full of all kind of surprises, and seeing this guy was the highlight of our day. mr. brian sneed! sneed is always smiling and shredding through life... i know he was smiling and chuckling as made history with this shot... rolling through fire.... LEGEND!!