Monday, November 5, 2012

go away

as soon as one blog stalking asshole goes away, another one picks up where his/her buddy left off. i'm sick of people using my blog as a way to TRY to fuck with me. obviously you don't inspire too much good in your life if you feel like you gotta mess with someone through their avenue of expression and attempt to kill their drive.

you can't. you won't. you'd be doing yourself a favor by switching your focus elsewhere. it's easy to do. and i promise there are plenty of worthy causes where you could switch your negative energy into something postiive. like getting another public skatepark somewhere..anywhere... or you can continue trying to suck the life out of people.

this blog has nothing to do with you. so quit worrying about what we're up to. we're not going to stop doing what we do because some people don't like it. i know how this game works. intimidate, cause fear, threaten... it happens everyday with well-known hate groups...i'm not originally from here but have lived here long enough to know and recognize it when i see it. and you talk your bullshit to anyone who will stand still long enough to entertain your weak mind. then pretend like you do no wrong. fuck you. nobody wants us to move more than we do. believe me. but we are here and we are going to do what we do while we are here. it's funny how all the positive things we have accomplished here can look like shit to people like you. what have you done? not much except benefit yourself.

i know who you are so if you wanna keep it up, i'll out to everyone the cocksucking asshole that you really are.

take a screenshot and go fuck yourself.

yah, you've wasted four months of your life doing this: