Monday, October 28, 2013

new zine on the scene - zine unseen

i was really excited when I heard that two awesome people that are in love not only with skateboarding but each other had started a zine, I knew I had to check it out...because what's better than that combination? not much! 

so here goes the latest installment of a zine review where I post enough bad angle cellphone shots that you gotta seek out the real thing...

so on saturday, we stopped in at Crisis Skateboards in Broomfield where one of Manuel Reverto's old homies, Fuzz, has an awesome skateshop. 

we usually hop in after a session at their local park to say wassssup and catch up on the local happenings, this time it was to check out the release of gnarly carleigh and jack's top secret project they've been working on. and by top secret I mean I didn't know, ha! 

this is pretty rad, tons of photos covering the Colorado scene, and sharing the love for what they do, snapping photos n snapping ollies! 

this zine covers everything, from camping to the crisis curb! tons of photos and stories... makes you want to get out and go to that spot you meant to get to before the snow rolls in and then you see a spot that looks super fun that you thought belonged to another state!! you gaze at the local rippers and you're reminded once again of the only state that has rad in its name and you're stoked! but wait! there's a feature on Rhode Island and you want to head to skate someone else's creation in the north east ahhh the never ending places to skate. you know it's a good zine when you start daydreaming of being a professional slacker and hitting the road solely to do the funnest thing on the planet... skateboard!