Monday, January 13, 2014

sunday funday for life!

started out the day on a sad note, leaving a huge part of your heart to get on a plane never feels right... decided to check out the sunrise spot... sunrises in colorado are better than almost all sunsets...

checked on the new skatepark just 3 minutes from the house, can't wait for this to be done... coping is all set... just need snow to hold off so the flats and deck can be poured...
going to be so fun!!! 

later on in the morning, we met up with billy at baby arvada, had a fun sesh with stiff legs.,.
then skated Greg's tight n perfect side yard
then after a short break, hit up little arvada to end the day with sunshine and amazing wind gusts, pushing was required in only one direction!!
beat it, scooter biatches!!