Thursday, April 2, 2015

good timing in california

took a quick trip to california last weekend to meet up with rad ladies for an action packed weekend in the LA area! 
we must have driven hundreds of miles to maximize the fun...including romaland to skate the weedman's pool right before getting filled with summer splashes...stephanie shreds the shit out of it!! the owner truly rules the pool!! mucho gracias for having us over!! can't wait to go back!!!

after the sesh, we conducted a top secret mission to the desert...i guess i'll get hung if i post a pic but here's a was a surreal experience...

after that, we headed to another amazing spot...about another forty five minutes away...gotta say, the ladies are holding down the back yard scene on the best coast!!

 met a ton of amazing people and had a fucking blast skating a bunch of new and different spots. .overall we hit 9 spots in 48 hours.....peck, channel street, volcom, weedmans, top secret spot, drillinfiends, chino valley, monrovia and avocado heights! all fun all different!!

can't wait to go back!! huge thanks to amy in LB for letting us crash, steph n rob for the amazing sesh, and shelley for the epic guest house!! extra extra special thanks to sarah, elraya and jacki for inviting me along!!