Monday, October 12, 2015

grindline in the mountains!

last summer we tried to hit up this park on a summer skate trip where we hit kremmling and steamboat springs..but our first stop, winter park, we were a jazz fest!  so we decided to make the short drive up to finally skate one of the funnest parks i've been to...but i probably say that about every park.  grindline parks rule, they design a general concept, then fill in the gaps as they go.  the shapes are unique!

we weren't sure if there was another company that did some of the newer parts which were smoother and designed a little differently. the park is amazing and fun, and the view is an added bonus.

can't wait to go back soon..but especially in the summer n cool my feet in this creek! great place to bring your dogs for a walk also...

at first the park was crowded with babies on bikes n scooters but the parents were actually kind enough to clear out when skaters started showing up.

fun, mellow interesting shape!

this bowl was super fun! not as small and mellow as the pictures and video on the web make it seem.

after skating, check out the ditch restaurant! the fish sandwich is the bomb and the beer is good!