Monday, March 21, 2016

Bluebird Day in Fairplay

Finally got to go back up to Fairplay for the first day of Spring! This long overdue venture to see friends was perfectly described when Jesse said, "it's a bluebird day in Fairplay!" Good vibes flow free up in the mountains!

Jesse's spot is super sweet, can't wait to go back! I love that you can see the town from the bowl and his awesome tile work is scattered around.

Here's a few photos demonstrating the fun we had on the first day of spring!

No question who owns this bowl!

I was really happy to see Christina!! She was almost hitting tile!

the lower jawbone!

it's alive box

another angle of the lower jawbone, aka brontosaurus!

Max has the best smile ever! 

The Secret Garden

After a few hours of skating, we went up the hill to say hi to the General! This SBA compound is insane and has a beautiful view...Dana's got it going on.

SkateColorado history lives on with coping from the ramp Bruce built where parties follow wherever it goes!! 

That's all for now, thanks for the hospitality Jesse, Chrissy n Dana! See you guys next time!