Tuesday, July 21, 2015

amber jam at one gathering!

every year at the one gathering contest held at denver skatepark to benefit the STRONGHOLD SOCIETY, Deb Henriksen, local fashion designer/owner of EQUILLIBRIUM Clothing, hosts the AMBER JAM to honor a fellow ripper who passed away...the jam incites Amber's ripping spirit to the bowl jam for the ladies....needless to say, it is an inspiration!
lenore laidback grind

this girl was super hyped! 

chelsea 50-50s in a crazy spot, shoulda been top 3 fo sho!!!

emily made the trek down with the stronghold crew, it was awesome to see how much she has progessed since last year...she has all the smooth style!

lenore chasing down chelsea for a doubles run in the jam format free for all!

chelsea busts a front side on the hip! 
lenore bringing the hype!!

more photos to come eventually.......