Sunday, July 26, 2015

Andy Kessler Jam at One Gathering!

Just like the past two years, dark clouds loomed on the horizon during the latter part of the One Gathering at the Denver Skatepark. Nothing could kill the vibe though and the ripping ensued...lots of people lined up in support of the Stronghold Society and the clouds only brought a cooling effect for the rippers on deck for the Andy Kessler Memorial Jam in the legendary Peanut Bowl of Denver Skatepark...for more information on the organization, click here: Live Life.

Otto Pflanz with a backside ollie over the hip!

Derek Scott with a tailslide in the deepend

local favorite Chuck with a massive stalefish over the hip!!

Greeley's top residents, The Schotts, always make the drive down with their ripping son to represent Wounded Knee at the event, consistently smoother and ripping harder each time, Noah Schott with a lein to disaster! So sick!!

D-Park local shows everyone how to kill the bowl!

FTC Legend Orldano Baker with a tall invert! Super sick!!

Zac Cusano aka "The Coose" with an Andrecht on the hip! Zac always hypes up the sesh!

more legends on deck!! more photos soon!!