Tuesday, August 9, 2016

CaliFUNyah!! Part I - Oceanside

Quit your shitty job and go on a roadtrip only don't drive, FLY to FUN! We took a super fun trip out to California to visit ATM friends, old and new friends, the ocean and each other........
Hottie by da beach...

Redondo Beach Pier

On our way to SOP Distribution, we found this rad spot

Brad Edwards layback at Prince Park

Prince Park was super fun, as Wrex demonstrates here with an invert
Jesse Parker with a 50-50 in the coy pond
Brad Edwards with a proper backside boneless in the coy pond at Prince Park
Jesse Parker smith grind in the coy pond
Wrex with a smith grind on the coy pond hip

This bowl was huge and gnarly, big vert walls where the rippers display their mad skills, Brad Edwards and Jesse Parker watch in awe what!

To Be Continued.....