Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Shredville, USA

It's been a bit since I have updated the ol' blahhhhhg....lack of motivation to post but definitely not a lack of fun going on. Here's some summer highlights from Leadville, CO - 10,200 ft up in the ol' mountain air. The funnest park in Colorado has this amazing flow bowl that nothing compares too. Built by Native Skateparks - great fucking job!!

On the way to Leadville, there is a beautiful reminder of how man destroys our planet Earth

Wrex gets a transfer over the island
There was so much haze from a nearby wildfire you could barely see the beautiful mountains
I think this guy's name was Travis? I can't remember...a nomad with a kickflip maybe? Can't remember what trick he did... nice guy!

McNair with a transfer over the island